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Popular Rafting Rapids in Rishikesh

The ideal river for rafting in the capital of India is the stretch of Ganga River from Shivpuri to Rishikesh. The river has many rapids throughout the 36km. Above all, do not miss it! Enjoy the thrill of adventure and relax in the fleet.

Other exciting activities of the offer are climbing, descent, jungle trekking, village tours and beach games, barbecue dinners and campfire.

Points strong

Play with some exciting rapids on this stretch of the Ganga River, Go to ancient floating temples and observe life along the river

Sweet Sixteen

It is grade I rapids, basic level of rafting especially for beginners, non-swimmers and kids also.

Body Surfing Rapid

The difficult work of transporting trunks by rivers from inaccessible mountain forests has become a tourist attraction today.

Club House Rapid

This is II grade rapid, by rafting or rafting, descending the rapids of mountain rivers is a real challenge for modern tourists seeking adventure and excitement. (Shivpuri to Laxaman Jhula) Rishikesh.

Shivpuri Rapid

This is II+ grade rapid includes rafting on a raft made with trunks. White water rafting is a descent from a mountainous rapid in a special inflatable raft.

Return to Sender

This is a Grade III rapid; each practitioner is equipped with a lifejacket, a special outfit and boots. The rafts are guided by skippers, experienced in rafting.

Roller Coaster

This is a grade III Rapids; Rafting Camp is located on the banks of the Ganges. It is 250 km from Delhi. The camp is on the banks of the Ganges With part covered by the forest.

Golf Course

It is a grade III Rapids, You can have fun, even if you have never touched a paddle of your life. Difficult path of Ganges and it is not everybody’s cup of tea to cross it.

Cross Fire

It is a Grade III rapid for thrill seekers. Nevertheless, you want to know firsthand your chances of falling into the water.

Three Blind Mice

This rapid of Grade III is quite famous and you should enjoy rafting, especially in a country where the activity takes place in landscapes of dreams.

The Wall

This is grade IV Rapid, most difficult and challenging one. And if you're still not convinced, know that those who tried the experience in The wall are overwhelming to have described as extraordinary.

Later, you can try surfing body and jump off a cliff in this section of the river. Then go to the floating temples, ashrams (a heritage of all kinds where the detainees are dedicated to the spiritual quest) and ghats (simple steps with the main platforms in the river), observe the life of the bank of the river Ganga.

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